Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolve or Intend

I gave up resolutions about two years ago. I now have intentions because the word appeals to my Capricorn nature. Resolve is wishy washy. But intend ... ah, now that has weight and purpose.

You really have to think through an intention: where to start, how long will it take, what information do you need so you know it is something worth pursuing?

"Worth pursuing" was the key to planning my 2007 production schedule. It is so easy to get frustrated with a story. When I hit the dead middle of a story, I find myself peeking over the fence, so to speak, at a new, shinier, better story idea that would be so much easier (and faster!) to finish.

So this year I took the time to examine my projects for 2007 and narrowed them down to four: two books for 2008 and two proposals for 2009. I used to take great pride that I could whip out drafts in six weeks. But now I need to slow it down. Well, maybe not the first draft. First drafts have an urgency about them: just get it all out and then perfect it in the rewrite.

My big intention for 2007 is to slow down, to nurture and do my very best rather than do more.

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Louise said...

Hi Mary,
I have stopped making resolutions, too, because I realized a couple of years ago that I kept making the same resolutions over and over again (lose weight, sell my book, etc.). Clearly, resolutions were not working for me if I never quite achieved them! So now I just enjoy the New Year for what it is -- a chance to stretch, reflect and then dig in again on my long-term plans.

Weez :)

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Mary-
Yup, I don't really do resolutions either- but I definitely believe in the power of intention! Best of luck on all of your projects!