Thursday, January 25, 2007

Supporting the Ones You Love

This has been the week of Ay Yi Yi!

My husband's back went out on Friday afternoon and the Little Dude and I swept in to the rescue. (Ay!)

Thank God that my parents live just a couple of hours away because I don't know what I would've done with this lingering cold, a grumpy toddler, a pug who has suddenly decided to poop in the house and a husband who couldn't walk. (Ay yi!)

The day mom and dad went back home, the Little Dude began coughing and since Sunday, has been a supersized, runny-nosed grump. (Ay yi yi!)

But in the midst of all this ay yi yi-ing, I managed to finish two chapters, install a closet organizer and attend Alyson Noel's booksignining for her new release, Fly Me to The Moon.

Dana, that blog ho' over at that other blog, and her mom were there. At one point, we hit the floor and passed out bookmarks ... by the way, it really works when you're accompanied by a cute child or you're looking a little sass-eh like we were. ;-)

I'm not sure if we helped or hindered Alyson. But we had a blast supporting our fellow author and blog ho' and that my friends, is something that I take with me to the bookstore. I know, I know, books are pricey. (Hey, I buy used books and use my library too!) But I make a point to buy new books from new authors because let's face it, Nora Roberts has plenty of dough!

(But I'll be watching Nora's movies on Lifetime this weekend!)

Yes, I am the obnoxious customer who faces out books by (ahem) me, Emily, Erica, Alyson, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez, Lynda, Berta, Sofia, Cari, Michele ... if we want books, it boils down to supporting the ones you love, and ones who love you back.



sdpenson said...


It was so much fun and you are so generous with your time considering the week that you had!

I think supporting authors in your RWA chapter is so that I mean showing up if a book signing is relatively close to where you live.

You and Dana were so darn funny...I did back away from you two when you were accosting that man on the floor:-) Oh...I don't know those women passing out...

What nice members you are of RWA and just overall nice gals!

Have a wonderful rest of the week..and by the looked
MARVELOUS last night:-)I want that coat!


Maybe that could be something is

Dana Diamond said...

"Blog ho'" Pahahaha...

*You* were lookin' sass-eh. Me...I was lookin' eau de dorkalicious.

I'll never know why so many writers don't like book-signings.

It's just wrong how much fun you can have toying with a barista, making announcements over the loudspeaker, and passing out bookmarks.

:) d

PS Alyson, again, thank you for putting up with us! :)

Alyson Noel said...

I cannot thank you enough for:
1- showing up
2- keeping me thoroughly entertained
3- creating a Buzz (aka accosting unsuspecting browsers/taking over the loud speaker duties, etc- best PR I've ever had!)

I could not have asked for a better signing, and when I finally left the girl at the front desk said that my "fans" had convinced her to read the book!

But most of all it was really great to finally get to meet you in person!

I owe you big time!

Erica Orloff said...

I face you out, too, Girlfriend!