Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why I Love Bad Movies

Sunday night Ryan and I popped in a copy of My Super Ex Girlfriend into the player and we just about died with joy.

It was so bad - the kind of bad where you feel embarassed for the actors - that we had to stop after fifteen minutes. Even though the movie was unwatchable, it was a gift.

My husband ran off to his computer and figured out his new screenplay. I whipped out my trusty AlphaSmart and wrote a scene that had me, literally, on the edge of my chair.

When I suffer through a horrible movie (the love scene from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones ... shudder), I think to myself: if those guys could get that junker off the ground than damn it, there's hope for me!

If a book doesn't grab me by page five, I read the last chapter and then never open the book again.

However, the movies and books that I really have trouble with are the good ones. Depending on my current level of vulnerability, I can either finish with a renewed spirit, or feel the weight of every tree that died to provide the paper on which my books are printed.

Do you think I'm weird?

Don't worry, I can handle it.


Dana Diamond said...

I don't think you're weird. Or if you are, I am too.

And I'm thinking I need to see that Star Wars love scene so I don't feel so bad about mine!

:) d

Mary Castillo said...

Dude, it is bad. BAAAAAAAD.


Erica Orloff said...

OMG, that is me! I sat through the horror that was Star Wars III and thought, "That's two hours I can never get back." I felt the same way about "Phone Booth." But then I was like, "Jeez, if these movies can get greenlighted, there's hope for me . . ." :-)