Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tu Ciudad's Book Blog & Why I'm a Big Idiot

Check out how Tu Ciudad's new book blog treated my girl, Margo Candela and her new book, Life Over Easy.

To read the blog click here.

And in other news, I am officially a big idiot. Yesterday at the Gypsy Den, I wrote 15 pages on my AlphaSmart. But when I went to transfer the file onto my PC, I deleted the file. Fifteen pages, people. FIFTEEN! Gone. Forever.

So I had to rewrite them. I have to say, they're better. But I'm still pissed.

Okay, not really. I have no hope of meeting the NaNoMo goal of 50K words unless I write 150 pages by midnight on Friday. Not gonna happen because I'm reading The Right Side of the Wrong Bed by Frederick Smith and nothing is tearing me away from that book! (Darn you Fred for writing such a juicy story!)

You'll meet Fred on the blog soon.

The Little Dude calls!

Night night,


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