Monday, November 26, 2007

Mary's Favorite Things

If you have a writer in the family or among friends, I've got some great ideas! Pens are great but more than likely a writer has her favorites in bulk. Journals are cool, too, but a writer has very strong preferences as to the size, paper type, etc. Yes, we're a picky lot, which is why I started this list that ranges from $12 to $40. Stay tuned for more ideas because if you're like me, you'll be shopping at the last minute!

Whether you write by hand or keyboard, a writer's most precious tools are her hands. Ulta's Rescue Hand Cream smells like lemons (you know, to invigorate the senses) and it melts into your skin so you don't get that sticky, icky feeling. A little goes a long way! The Warming Hand Mask is great if you have achy fingers and wrists. Slather it on and you're treated to a gentle warming sensation (ahh!). Rinse off and you'll swear that Madge herself worked on your hands! And if you buy it now, Ulta is having a 20% off sale!

When I need some inspiration or words of wisdom, I crack open my trusty copy of Pen On Fire. Each essay is maybe two or three pages, tops, but the content will illuminate the mind and refresh the heart.

I've had The Observation Deck for almost 8 years and it always helps me out of a jam. Basically you grab the deck, shuffle the cards and pull one at random (kind of like tarot cards for writers). A handy guide contains writing exercises and stories about legendary writers.

Stick this warming scarf from Bed Bath and Beyond into the microwave and viola, the chills are gone! I have a neck warmer that I would take to work when I was a reporter. We worked in a building from the 1920's and when a brisk wind swept off the ocean, it funneled through the swiss cheese walls, turning my desk area into a mini-fridge. Even if your friend doesn't work in such primitive conditions, this is a great treat because it also helps alleviate neck and shoulder aches, the malaise of all desk-dwellers.

When I'm in deep writing mode, I have a tough time leaving my book at my desk. But a girl (or guy) needs to relax every now and then. The Umbra Aquala Tub Caddy allows you to read through your manuscript or a book without wetting the pages. There's a handy slot for your wine glass and a place for your tea or coffee cup. What more could you want?


Dana Diamond said...

I'm feeling much better about my decision on what to get you this xmas seeing as how my other thought, the pink on pink candy-striped arm-warmers I was thinking about, didn't even make the top five. ;)



J.K. Mahal said...

Hmm, your gift from me is so not on this list.. on the other hand, maybe I'll request the Tub Caddy from my DH :)

Love you,