Monday, September 10, 2007

On The Radio

Up till this morning, I've never had the experience of being an on-air expert and frankly, it was a little weird. I called in at 6 a.m. and listened to the conversation between the host, Mel and Ariel Gobert, author of Red Hot Revolution. Two commercial breaks later, I'm on and I'm still wondering how I can help Ms. Gobert market her self-published book.

So I did what I do best: I talked about myself.

But then a brilliant idea occurred to me. Maybe she should link up with a local reporter and take them on one of her blind dates. It could open up a discussion about women in their 50's who have had careers, raised kids, etc., now entering the dating scene. My former editor would've given me a raise on the spot for an idea like that. In fact, I was starting to wish that I was a reporter so I could do the story!

However, my idea bombed. Frankly, I think it horrified her. Hours later when I was at the gym, I realized that that is one of the problems we face when pursuing our dreams. We say we want something and yet, we're frightened of apprearing foolish. We tell the world and ourselves how much we want it but we won't do the things that terrify us like, finish a book, find a new man or lose weight.

In a way, I feel lucky to be a foolish person, or a person who doesn't give a shit if people think I'm foolish. A few years ago, one of my husband's colleagues turned to me and to my face said, "I read your book and I was so embarassed for you. Those love scenes were so..."

She shuddered as if she'd been mind raped. But I said, "Thank you."

And I meant it.


LizScorpio31 said...

No, no Mary...THANK YOU!!! Girl, if someone can think up those scenes, they can come true for me...right ;-)

Erica Orloff said...

Hi Mary:
People who say things like that to you are obviously held in by their own fears or jealousy. I had a woman--in front of 40 people at a signing--ask me if I was "embarassed" to write chick lit. Then she "mock shuddered" like the woman you mentioned did. The thing was, it was a signing at a book club AND I knew the woman (I went to college with her) was an aspiring writer who decided to not pursue it and instead became a paralegal. So I "got" the subtext. Embarass ME because you gave up on your dream, and now you can pretend to think my writing is beneath you.

As for the radio show . . . the thing this woman needs to remember is PR is stepping outside the box--looking for unique connections to your writing. Nothing should make you aghast. You should be open to possibilities. I followed the link to her book. Isn't that part of her message?

Anyway, great post.

Unknown said...

Liz: Damn straight! ;-)

Erica: Some folks live sad lives, don't they? I mean, especially when they made the choices that got them where they are. Glad that ain't me.