Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Too Close For Comfort

In case you were wondering, the lunch was excellent and that nimrod who was so rude to Mom wasn't there!
But here's another story for you.
My mom's co-worker came into work without a bra, which in Mom's book of rules, is a mortal sin. (As is wearing a black bra under a white shirt.) Apparently, the one bra that she had owned died and after everyone in the office told her to, she went to buy more.
Well, this same co-worker came back to work, now complaining about how she couldn't breathe very well but she was too afriad to go see her doctor. Mom's compassionate reply, "Maybe your new bra is too tight."
Ahh, Mom ... gotta love her!
In other news, I have a new Switchcraft contest posted on the site ... this time for a $10 gift certificate!

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