Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey There Good Lookin'

New & Recycled Romance's 20th Anniversary party was a big hit! I signed books alongside Meryl Sawyer, who made me cry when I read, Closer Than She Thinks. If you like New Orleans, Meryl brings the city to life in this taut thriller.

Here I am sitting next to bestselling author, Brenda Novak. (Isn't her dress cute?) Every year, Brenda organizes a mega, online auction to raise money for diabetes research. Check out the spooky trailer for her new release, Dead Right!
And I was so happy to run into fellow Avon lady, Sylvia Day who writes spicy erotic romances for Avon Red. By the way, if you're getting ready to make babies, read erotic romance. All I'll say is that it worked for me!
By the way, if you're in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, make sure to visit New & Recycled Romances. Toni and her staff have read just about every book in the place. (You think I'm kidding but I swear it's true!) These women love romances, mysteries and women's fiction - the spicier the better! - and they're more than happy to share their favorites. Also, if you want a copy of one of my books, Toni will order one for you, call me down to the store to sign it and keep it at the store for pick-up or ship it to you!

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