Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Win this book! Win this book!

I have nothing interesting to blog about because my mind is in the make-believe world of my story. However, Susan Kay Law is giving away a signed copy of my book, Names I Call My Sister (if you want it, go here) and I'm giving away a signed copy of Happy Hour at the Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta at my website. (Which reminds me that I should introduce y'all to Marta!)

But before I do that, I will be watching the season premiere of Ghost Hunters tonight on the SciFi channel. Even though I love Donna, I couldn't get into Ghost Hunters International. The strength of the show are the human connections the teams makes with home owners who are living with paranormal activity. It's easy for people who've never lived with a ghost to think that you'd just bail at the first sign of a ghost. But there's something very primal about claiming your personal territory, even if the invisible occupant once lived there.

Okay, I have to get into the story. I had a great dream last night and don't want to lose it.


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