Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Tease Please!

The following is a semi work-safe excerpt from Sofia Quintero's novella, "Sensually Yours" from Juicy Mangos!
The second Steve appeared on the landing holding of lilies and a bottle of wine, I knew he liked what he saw. I hope the skeezer across the hall saw it, too.
“You are so good!” I said as I reached for the wine and flowers. This goes perfectly with what I have planned tonight. Come in and see.”
I led him into the living room where I had a picnic set up on the carpet. The centerpiece was one of SY’s latest additions. The Lovers’ Throw. It was a blanket that also served as a game board. Steve and I lowered ourselves onto the blanket’s silky center. I fed him strawberries while I explained the game.
"It’s simple,” I said as I handed him the palm-sized red pillow. “You’re red, and I’m white. Start here.” I placed both pillows on the starting square which reads Kiss each other good luck.
Steve gave me a loud smooch that tickled my cheek. After I stop giggling, I said, “We take turns rolling the foam dice and moving our pieces forward. . .”
“Doing whatever the square says,” Steve said as he uncorked the wine.
“And whoever makes it to the end first is the winner.”
“And what do I win?”
I giggled again. “The winner chooses the first position.”
Steve huffed. “Hell, if we’re not in the first position halfway through the game, send the damn thing back.”
I loved it! I was definitely going to use that line in my presentation. I give you my money-back guarantee. I handed Steve the foam dice. “You go first.”
He rolled a four, advanced his piece forward and read the square. “Eager to please. Advance three spaces.”
“My rotten luck,” I teased. I sipped my wine and a little dribbled down over the glass and landed on my thigh.
Steve counted forward three spaces. “Maybe not,” he said as he read the square to himself. Kiss erogenous zone of lover’s choice. “So. . .”
I leaned back on my elbows and bent my knee, sending the wine trickling down my thigh towards my crotch. “Would you mind getting that?”

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