Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crafting with the Chica: Fabric Collage Dream Journal

My friend, Kathy Cano-Murillo taped some webisodes for Lifetime and in this segment, she demonstrates how to create a fabric collage dream journal. For every book that I've written, I've also kept a notebook. In them, I jot down lines of dialogue or those little spurts of inspiration that pop in my head when I'm no where near my computer, or when I need to be away from my computer and refocus on thoughts.

Today, I'm baking and preparing for my event tonight at Calacas but on Saturday, I'm going to create a journal that will accompany me as I write my new book!

Thanks Kathy!

Also, check out Kathy's book!

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Unknown said...

Thank you Mary!! You know, tha tis a great idea - you could decorate the front to match your story and characters. i LOVe that idea!! i'm so excited for our ghost story blog tour!!! after all this crafting, it will be so fun to write again!!
hugs, glitter and exciting verbs,
kathy :-)