Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take Tea and See

I think it was in April when I met Janice Roper for the first time. For years, Ilona, my mother-in-law, had spoken of her dear friend who came to town to read tea leaves in the art studio. When the Little Dude was born, Janice was one of the first people Ilona called (so she could get his birth chart).

Having grown up in a haunted house and counted pyschics and mediums among my mom's friends, I'm pretty used to this sort of thing. But when I finally got to meet Janice for a tea leaf reading, I was welcomed by a gentle and humorous woman who greeted me like an old friend.

Needless to say, the reading that Janice did for me was incredibly accurate down to the initials of the people who later hired me to write a TV pilot.

Last month, I stopped by the studio where Janice had just finished her last reading and asked if she'd consider writing for this blog. She said yes and I'm so excited to post her first message to us. As an intuitive counselor, Janice combines the ancient art of tea leaf reading with the art and science of astrology to guide individuals in their practical and spiritual paths. So many of you who come to this blog are writers and creatives and Janice will be a monthly source of wisdom and inspiration for all of us.

Enjoy her first of many columns to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
What a great way to start my day with your wonderful words, thank you for sharing your inspiring words and incouraging heart.

Mary Castillo said...

Hi Barbie! We love you so much and hope that 2010 brings healing, happiness and creativity! Love, Mary

DeAnna Cameron said...

What a great idea, Mary! This is terrific inspiration. Thanks!

DeAnna Cameron said...

I had a reading with Janice this morning, and I ditto everything Mary says about her. What a wonderful, wonderful lady and very insightful. Thank you again, Mary, and big thanks to Janice as well.