Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creativity is Essential For the Journey into 2010

"Woman Painting at Mount Rainer" @ Art.com

by Janice Roper, Intuitive Counselor

By Divine design we are creators, and it is our birthright—indeed, our directive—to joyfully wield the power of the Universe. Spirit means life, living with meaning, purpose, joy and a sense of contributing to the greater community. Matthew Fox, author and director of the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA says the new spiritual order will be creation centered, which means it will honor the Divine in each one of us. I agree the year 2010 is the time for each of us to become fearless, spiritual warriors so when the human species wakes up it is capable of great things.

Did you know that writers, artists, composers do their best work when the planet Mercury in the sky is retrograde. (Retrograde means the planet has turned backward—a symbol from heaven for us to go inward. ) Our senses supply us with raw sensuous data. colors, feels, tastes and odors—all rich cognitive material . Then our minds set forth what we receive into neat, orderly conceptual design. Utilize the period of Mercury retrograde to put your own stamp on the infinitely curious clay of the spiritual world! The creative opportunities are here now. We create because we have to. By unlocking our imaginations new work would abound. We create because we change reality and we change ourselves into someone more energetic and more powerful Stay tuned inward in 2010 because the Creative energy flowing makes each of us special , and we deserve this power.

Mercury, the planet of communication affects all phases of connections—your computer, cell phone, television and other electronic equipment—these things may need a tune up too! Mercury also affects our lower mind and how we think, our attitude toward life, as well as the higher self and the spiritual connection we have to Source. It’s a time of learning at the deepest level. The New Year 2010 begins with a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn. Also the North Node of the Moon is pointing the way in Capricorn—the need to identify with the larger ideal, greater than the personal life. Each one of us must ultimately come to stand for something and many of us tapping into Source can methodically work toward a goal not for our own success, but to redeem and assist others. Pluto also in the earth sign Capricorn, (for 14 years) assists in the transformation of the new year. This powerful energy flowing through each one of us can be used deliberately to create the life we desire. Set your intention, become a creator of future good. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimension.”

Janice will be giving readings by appointment in Newport Beach, CA January 16-18. You can email Ilona Martin @ lucy453@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

How great to see Janice speaking in her wonderful voice to your group of writers.

Mary I thank you for featuring Janice in your blog.
Happy New Year from Sonoma, kisses to my Grandson William, Son Ryan and Mary, my most wonderful Daughter-in-law.Ilona

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Omie! We can't wait to go bike riding with you. Love, Mary

Bird_Man said...

Hi Mary,

Love this post on Creativity. I am all about the creative spirit and always greatful to know when others share the same excitement! Janis is always inspiring.

I will add a link to your blog on mine when we return home.

If you want to checkout my blog about creativity here is the address. http://creativeseekers.blogspot.com/

Best Always,

Bird_Man said...

OOPS! of course I mean Janice!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Wonderful New Year Mary!
I deeply appreciated your acknowedgment of my intuitive work. I feel honored to be featured on your fabulous blog.

Unknown said...

Janice, over the decades of our friendship, you are always sharing your light, encouragement, hope, directions with a little help from the tea leaves....hmmm I wonder if the chinese ever use this method?

Continue your wonderful "tinkerbell" dusting for all those who choose to bathe in the warm "light" of the moment.

I am always amazed at what the leaves say to you...when you kept saying didnt you see this and that...all i saw were scattered leaves on the bottom of the cup..haha...I guess to each his own.

I leave you with this thought:
Be IN the light, Be OF the light and BE THE LIGHT...