Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to 2009

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On New Year's Eve I clean my house. I wash all the dirty laundry, empty the trash cans and make sure that I have fixings to make black-eyed peas for New Years Day lunch. I even try to finish a book that I've been reading, too. After a day like that I typically wake up at midnight long enough to hear my neighbors shoot off fireworks and then go back to sleep.

Last year, I wrote two books, fifteen feature stories and completed two revisions. This year I'm starting with a New Year's Blog Tour with my fellow NuncaSola writers.

Today, Misa Ramirez starts us off with a short story, "On The Seventh Day of Christmas." You'll be seeing her again later this month when I interview her about her new book, Living La Vida Lola.

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