Friday, January 09, 2009

New Years Blog Tour

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Thank you everyone who has stopped by to read my story about La Cholita. I'll respond to all the comments later today but I wanted you to know that they are all appreciated.

If you enjoy reading about up-and-coming Latinas - and this is for you, Betty M! - check out this month's issue of Latino Future magazine. You'll meet Jacqueline Pinol and Ruth Livier and get the skinny on the most feared blogger in Hollywood, Perez Hilton. (Personally, I love him!)

And don't forget that we're in the midst of a New Years Blog Tour and here are the authors sharing original shorts, essays and prizes every day till January 11th.

Jan 1 - Misa Ramirez
Jan 2 - Jamie Martinez Wood
Jan 3 - Lara Rios w/a Julia Amante
Jan 4 - Berta Platas
Jan 5 - Mary Castillo
Jan 6 - Alisa Valdes Rodriguez
Jan 7 - Margo Candela
Jan 8 - Caridad Ferrer
TODAY - Jan 9 - Gabriella Hewitt
Jan 10 - L.M. Gonzalez
Jan 11 - Tracy Montoya


Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica said...

I love all the stories so far! I mentioned it in a blog post the other day, and that blog post got picked up by a popular online magazine, so I hope it brings lots of hits your way!!! I'm bummed I didn't join in this time, but I'm in the middle of novel revisions and two NF proposals, so I'm concentrating super hard on that, I know you know EXACTLY what I mean!!! Happy New Year, Mary!!!

Margo Candela said...

Thanks for the plug, Mary. I really, really liked your feature on La Cholita. I used to go to the movies at The Highland Theater back when it was all decked with velvet curtains and filigree. (I saw Endless Love.) It would have been a perfect spot for LC to work her magic. Unfortunately, it was sub-divided into four 'theaters' when I was in junior high and in its current configuration would never do her justice.

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