Friday, October 31, 2008

Video Blog: NaNoWriMo


Zulmara said...

Great your nice way of talking to writers...



Amanda Villagómez said...

I loved your video blog too. It was a fun, new format. I am considering showing it to my 6th graders during writer's workshop. I just have to wait until next week though because we are in Spanish week right now.

I read Esperanza Rising/Esperanza Renace as a read aloud this fall, and it is a book that Pam Munoz Ryan wrote about her Grandmother (or great grandmother?). Your comments about your book reminded me of it. It was also from around the same time frame, and we talked about the author's note in the back about how even though it is based on her grandma's life it is fiction because she changed some things and had to imagine other parts. Are you going through a similar process with this book? For example, you said the name of your character, is it a "fictional" character name or your real grandma's name and will the final book be fiction or non-fiction?

I loved the tip and the advice. It will be fun to see what my students think of it.