Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's One of THOSE Days...

...when your number is called and your first thought is, "is this really happening to me because this sort of thing only happens in the movies". But then you realize it really is happening and everything in you seems to go silent except the pulse pounding in your ears.

Well, today my husband, Ryan walked into my office and told me with a shaking voice that he was accepted into the MFA Screenwriting program at UCLA!


Back when we learned the Little Dude was a little bean, Ryan has worked for this. He's had a lot of career ups and downs; the downs outnumbering the ups, which in my opinion as his wife and unofficial adviser, was Fate telling him he had no business becoming a police officer or attorney. Until he decided to go for the impossible dream of writing screen plays, the scales have tipped in his favor. With the second screenplay he'd ever written, Ryan won the prestigious UCLA Screenwriting Contest. In his recent horror writing class, a visiting director and producer pointed to Ryan's screenplay as the kind he'd produce. Now, he's taking the next step and as his wife and cheerleader, I couldn't be prouder.

(But don't worry, we will always sit on the USC side of the stadium ... unless the Little Dude plays for UCLA.)

I may have AWESOME news but I can't say anything yet and I'm superstitious about these things.

So with my lips sealed, I'll post this picture:


Louise said...

YAY!!!! Oh, Mary, that is such awesome news!! Please tell Ryan I said congratulations!

~ Weez :)

Nadine said...

Congrats Mary!

J.K. Mahal said...

You know when Ryan sells and his screenplay becomes a film, I'll be first in line at the theater, squeamish husband in hand :)

Congratulations, Ryan. And I have my fingers crossed that whatever the possible good news is, it comes true.


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

Jen, I've already told him that I'll read his screenplays but I might not be able to make it past the credits. Or, like Noah, I'll see his movie from behind my fingers.

Unknown said...

wow, that is so awesome!!! what a fun, creative household you have, you are two cool parents showing your child dreams can come true!!!

Bethany Hiitola said...

Woo hoo! Congrats and DO go and celebrate!