Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rereading Old Favorites

Before I start a new story or a major revision, I like to reread one of my favorite books. I read them because I want to be swept out of my world and into someone else's. I like discovering the small nuances that I might have missed or forgotten. A favorite book simply reminds me why I am a writer. It's not for the website or the publicity or smart business plans. A favorite book reminds me of the miracle in creating a whole world out of words, ink and paper.

So what am I reading? Diary of a Blues Goddess by Erica Orloff. Someone "borrowed" my copy, as in they'll stole it and I happened to find it when I went to their house the other day! Anyway, it has been years since I last read it and even though Erica has written many amazing books since this one, it holds a special place in my heart.

Do you have favorites you like to read over and over again?



Nadine said...

The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. It's a cross btw a sweet romance, a scathing social critique a la Jane Austen, and a bit of Dickensian-type evil relatives thrown in for good measure. Even though it was written way back when, it's about a girl on the verge of womanhood taking control of her life. And it's superbly written. If you haven't read it, pick it up - you'll love it.

I heard about Diary of a Blues Goddess back when it first came out and I was very curious about it. Don't know why I didn't order it in the end - I think I just forgot! I'll be sure to add it to the TBR pile now.

Erica Orloff said...

Hi Mary:
I just dropped by to say howdy--and WOW . . . thanks for the shout-out, Sistah.


P.S. That one is my husband's favorite, I think.

Tollula said...

I love your blog first of all. And yes, there is a book I like to read over and over again. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is a book I read yearly. It usually happens during the winter months, maybe it's because I have nothing else to do. But it allows me to get lost in the story even though I can recite it by heart. I recommend it to everybody.

J.K. Mahal said...

Wow, Nadine, I love The Blue Castle and am so glad someone else does too!

Diary of a Blues Goddess is definitely a keeper.

I just reread "Nobody's Baby But Mine" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, who manages to make me care about her characters, no matter how I feel about what they do at the start. Always amazes me how much I end up crying because I'm so invested in the story.