Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It Just Doesn't Pay To Ignore Us

I'm not a political person. I hardly watch the news because it only scares me about the world I've brought my son into. But this is something that I have to talk about.

A couple of days after MGM and Salma Hayek signed a deal to create Ventanazul, PBS announced today that they are "amending" Ken Burns' World War II documentary to include stories from Latino veterans.

I don't have relatives who served in that war but my Auntie Betty's father was in the Army and he was a very proud veteran. When I think about young men like him who served their country - even when their country had deported anyone who looked like a Mexican during the Depression - I think that at the very least, they deserve this victory.

The Little Dude is half Mexican and one day, I'd like for him to watch this documentary and hear about the men and women with last names like his, share their stories.

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