Friday, October 27, 2006

Why I was always It!?!

Turns out that I was tagged by Erica Orloff and didn't know it until now when Dana told me. I was always It because I'd space out on the playground and then get, well, tagged. You know, we really never change.

Okay, so the deal is to write five interesting or unique things about me. Here we go:

1. I grew up in a haunted house
2. I went to Salem, MA for my honeymoon
3. My little girl pug is named after Picasso's mistress and Paloma Picasso's mother, Francoise Gilot
4. When I was in the underground bath in Bath, England, I looked up and saw a Roman officer walk up a set of stone steps. My mom remembers me going on pause and then suddenly turning to her to ask, "did you just see that?" I've never been a heavy drinker or drug user in case you're wondering
5. Oh and while we're on the subject of ghosts, I was once in the Whaley House with my mom and we looked into the children's room to see a rocking chair start moving. The rooms are sealed off by glass partitions and the windows are bolted shut. (Cue in eerie music)

Whew. I now tag:

Alyson Noel
The Writer's Vibe
Jennifer Apodaca
Jenna Petersen
Sonia Singh


Michele said...

My five things have been posted on The Writer's Vibe! Such pressure. Phew. :-)

Thanks for asking us to play!


Michele said...

P.S. I didn't know that's where Francoise got her name! :-)


Sara Hantz said...

Wow on the soldier in Bath!!!!

Dana Diamond said...

I'm with Sara. I love the Roman soldier story. But I do love Whaley House!

And, of course, the ghost you grew up with. have some good ones.

:) d

Jennifer said...

Love the Roman soldier story too, Mary! I didn't know I'd been tagged here :-) Teach me to not make my blog rounds!

Unknown said...

That soldier moment really undid me. I was scared to death to go through the rest of the musuem. I had to hold my mother's hand!

But then I realized it was probably a residual haunting. He never looked at me or snuck up on me in the loo. (After that scene from the Sixth Sense, my husband had to escort me to the bathroom for a week!) But still, it was unnerving.