Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My new publicity plan to slap Paris Hilton.

In the silence of having finished Switchcraft, I'm now preparing content for my website and planning to promote Names I Call My Sister; e.g. I'm torturing myself as to how can I get lots and lots of buzz about my new books. But then I saw an article on the AP that some chick slapped Paris Hilton and voila! I have the perfect plan. (insert wicked laughter)

I'll have a t-shirt made with the cover of my book and then wait outside a club where Paris is hanging. Even better, I should lay in wait for Lindsay ... oh no wait, Eva Longoria because she allegedly dumped what's-his-name and everyone's talking about her and we can work in that whole Latina angle. Anyway, just as the papparazzi spring into action, I'll do one of those Nacho Libre flying leaps and then me and my book cover will be all over the place:, Access Hollywood, CNN ... you name it.

Yeah, I'll probably end up in jail on an assault and battery rap but then I'll have added mileage when Gloria Alred escorts me to court.

In case you think I'm serious, I'm not.



Dana Diamond said...


It doesn't have to be Paris, you know. I have a few people you could slap. Don't know if it'd make the papers, but it sure would be fun!

;) d

BellaKarma said...

I was nodding my head all throughout the post ... until I read the part about not being serious ... at which time I let out an "aw shucks!"


Anonymous said...

I think you should do it- sound like a win-win!

Desiree said...

I wish you WERE serious though. She makes me sick! I don't know anyone that I actually DONT know that I can't stand even more than her.

How 'bout I do it for you, and I'll just wear the shirt promoting your book? Deal??