Monday, July 20, 2009

And speaking of signs...

When I logged into my Facebook page last night, Selina McLemore left me a little present that Latina Magazine choose Names I Call My Sister and In Between Men for their Top 10 Summer Reads!

No way! WAY!!!

So back to last night ... Just when I was about to shake my groove thing, the Little Dude peed all over the bathroom floor. You know what I did? I let Daddy clean it up while I basked in my glory.

Shake you groove thing, shake your groove thing oh yeah!
Show 'em how you do it now
And now its back to work but with a smile on my face.

Thanks Selina! And MUCHAS GRACIAS Latina Magazine!


Unknown said...

Congrats, Mary!

DeAnna Cameron said...

Congratulations, Mary! That's such a great honor :-)

J.K. Mahal said...

Yay!!! I think Switchcraft is also a hot read. :) But then, I read everything you publish.