Sunday, December 16, 2007

Top Latino Books of 2007

On Friday, the Top Latino Books of 2007 appeared in the New York Daily News. Chica power!

In other news, I've not written one word since La Familia Orihuela. I should just accept that the holidays are here and there are gifts to wrap, cookies to be baked and people to see. However, it's the perfect time to do very important research. I get the best stuff for dialogue, conflict and characters at holiday parties. If I were you, keep your meshugas at home because there might be a writer lurking in the corner!


J.K. Mahal said...

I refuse to accept that until the end of the week :) Then again, I'm still trying to get caught up to where I was last year, having changed so much of the book.

Since when have you become Mexican-American? Does this mean I'm now Indian-American? Weird.


Unknown said...

Hey Jen: Labels, quantifiers, adjectives are interesting things aren't they? The Little Dude is a Mexican-Irish-German-Hungarian American. In other words, a mutt.


Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

I'm still wandering around giggling madly, you understand.

And yep, the labels are bizarre, bizarre things.

My daughter has simplified it: "I'm half princess, half spicy."

*rolling eyes forever*

Unknown said...


Can I steal that from her?