Thursday, September 03, 2009

How to Start Your Book

Marilyn Monroe Writing at Home @

The second most asked question I get when I do booksignings and interviews is how to get started writing a book. It's a deceptively simple and annoying answer: sit down and write it.

I'm not being facetious or disrespectful. It really is as simple as sitting down and writing your first sentence. It's not rocket science, it's not stopping world hunger or perfecting the health reform bill. It's a story. It's the stuff we did as kids when we played Wonder Woman. (What? You didn't play Wonder Woman?!?)

If you have a story in you and you want to see if you can do it, check out the Three-Day Novel Writing Contest that starts on Saturday morning. (Yes, this Saturday!)

For the prizes alone, I'd do it. But I'm smack dab in the middle of my WIP so I think I'd be cheating if I entered with my book!

No excuses! Your husband, boyfriend, kids, parents will survive without you. The laundry won't slither out of the basket and kill you. If you live in Southern California, the air quality sucks so you're better off inside. ANDALE!


Margo Candela said...

Mary, I seriously thought about it, too. But I can barely blog these days so I'm going to have to sit out this one.

Plus, anything I'd work on would be a half baked idea. Those taste good with a little salt, fresh ground pepper and lots of butter.

Unknown said...

Mary, here is the correct link to use from the founders. The Google site lifted their info and reposted it. I know because I posted the Google site too at first!

Doesn't it sound so fun??

Unknown said...

Thanks Kathy for the correction. I changed the blog.

Hi Margo! Sending fresh air your way!