Saturday, February 07, 2009

Free Book Friday & Chocolate

See that picture? I took it!

But first, four people will win signed copies of Switchcraft on Friday the 13th! Could you be the winner? Well, head on over to the Free Book Friday blog and sign yourself up!

Okay, now to explain the photo. My mother-in-law and I are starting a new venture called Wild Heart Gallerie Chocolates. That's a painting she gave me and Ryan for Christmas and our chocolates. (The Little Dude picked the leaves from our tree in the front yard.)

If you love chocolates, check out our 12-piece collection. I'm tellin' ya, these chocolates take chocolate to a whole new level. My favorites are Omega (bittersweet chocolate with sea salt harvested from Big Sur) and Lavender. Ilona - that's my MIL - loves the rose chocolate but my friend ate the one out of my box and didn't share so I haven't tasted it yet.

If you have a Valentine you'd like to impress, or you need to direct your Valentine to a gift that would make you a very happy cupid, visit our eBay store. I can get orders out Monday and they should arrive Thursday or Friday.



Lara Lee said...

Yum... those chocolates look delicious, and they are certainly original!

Mary Castillo said...

They are AMAZING. We just landed a huge account. Next week I'll be in MIL's kitchen packaging boxes and sending them off. It's really become a family enterprise.

DeAnna Cameron said...

Oh, those look sooo good. And what a fun, new venture! Did you know Bodega Chocolates is a locally grown family operation, too? Started by a couple of sisters using their mom's (or aunt's?) recipe. They've been tremendously successful, and I wish you the same :-)