Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Author Action Figures

Yes, they do exist and I want these two:

After experiencing the uh, creative side effects of morphine (before you freak out, it was administered by a trained professional before my C-section), I can see why Edgar got hooked on opium. But if my Edgar action figure was on my desk, then perhaps he could watch over and guide me as I revise my ghost story. I know that sounds rather desperate, but novelists (and for that matter, Catholics who pray to saints) understand where I'm coming from.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those! And I can't believe how inexpensive they are. Might need to keep these in mind for a birthday request. I can put my Jane Austen action figure on my desk at work. That'll get some good comments.

Unknown said...

Hi Caryn: Aren't they cool? I wish they had a Charlotte Bronte figure, or Isabel Allende.

Mary C.

Erica Orloff said...

Love them.

Of course if I was a writer action figure, I'd need a two-year-old ties on my back, a high school senior sidekick that complains all the time, and two kids in the middle with massive amounts of homework and needing orthodontist appointments and all sorts of time-consuming mom-stuff. In fact, they could never do a realistic working writer/Mom action figure. ;-)

Claire said...

I dunno, they don't come with light sabers or blaster pistols...

This is hysterical!

Unknown said...

Erica: Your action figure should at least wear a cape. Maybe a magic wand, too.


Unknown said...

Hey Mama:

Or jewelry ... the Princess Leia action figure on my desk is holding a medal, which I pretend she bought for herself with the royalties from the movies.


Margo Candela said...

Mary, I have fond memories of morphine, too! I had some to take the edge off the night before I gave birth, to help me "rest up" ,and asked for more when things really got going in the morning. The midwife said, "Oh, you're really close now, so it's not safe." Six hours and an almost 8 lb baby boy later she offered me some Tylenol. Man, that was a night to remember and a day to never forget.