Friday, June 08, 2007

NEWS FLASH: First Look

Thank you so much to Ruth Kaufman for letting me know this morning that Switchcraft is a Harper Collins First Look read. And for you, dear reader, that gives you the chance to read it before anyone else!

But you have to be a member of the program and then write a review of the book, which I'll exploit ruthlessly in my bid to become a best-selling author. Hey, I gotta kid to feed and he isn't cheap!



Maria said...

Wow! What a nifty program! I signed up and filled out the "brief reason why" section. Now I just get to wait and see if I get the nod to review. Fingers crossed!!!

Nadine said...

Arrrggghhh!!! This is another one of those "US residents only" things. Crap.

Unknown said...

I hope you get it, Maria!

Sorry Nadine!