Monday, February 05, 2007

Will it ever f%#$ing happen?

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Joss Whedon left the Wonder Woman project!

Read Whedon's statement here.

So does that mean we're stuck with super hero offal like Ghost Rider where Nicholas Cage is doing the sad comb-over thing?

Thank God for Spider Man 3.

Wait a second ... wouldn't Eva Mendes make an awesome Wonder Woman? She would, if only H-wood could get its act together, stop making ridiculous movies like Norbit and MAKE THE F%#$ING WONDER WOMAN MOVIE!


sdpenson said...

Yes that girl has a wonderful Wonder Woman figure. Did you see her in Hitch! I loved that series I must confess as much as the kids did.

Norbit? Is that the new Eddie Murphy goofy movie?

Let's hope this is just a little stop gap.


Dana Diamond said...


And I didn't see her in Hitch, but I did see Eva in the new People.


:) d

Louise said...

Stay strong! Wonder Woman will have her day. Someday...

Weez :)