Monday, November 27, 2006

How I Would Giveaway $1,000

Today, Oprah featured some of her guests who received $1,000 to help others in need. She called it her favorite giveaway and it got me thinking what I would do if I had an extra $1,000 laying around.

Well, I'd go to my alma mater and find two students who can't afford to go home for the holidays. Not only would I buy their tickets home, I'd also help them buy gifts to bring to family and friends. I can't tell you what it feels like to show up with no gifts for your loved ones. There are no words, especially when they have been so generous and you have nothing to give back except a "thank you." That was me for all of my college career and the gifts that I did bring home were those I had to put on an ever-increasing credit card debt.

Now let's say I had $2,000. I would go to Girls, Inc. to get a list of materials they needed and then come back a few hours later with a van-full of stuff. This is why I'm selling signed copies of Hot Tamara and In Between Men on eBay. You can buy as many copies as you'd like, give me the names of people you would like for me to sign it to and then get it time for the holidays. Not only will you give a fun gift, you'll also give the gift of empowerment, education and opportunity to the young ladies who come to Girls, Inc.

To purchase a personalized copy of Hot Tamara, go here

To purchase a personalized copy of In Between Men, go here

Happy Holidays,

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sdpenson said...

Mary...I am so glad that I read your blog today...I read every day actually but especially this one.

I had never heard of Girls Inc.
I think that I am a very intuned Grandparent and in particular since I have five granddaughters I try to stay on top of things from the wee the teenaged granddaughter.

I immediately went to the site and was amazed at how wonderful it is.

I am sending to my "grownup teenager's".

What would I do with extra $$$ to give away with abandon. Well since my heart is always with children...I would give to place where children are put often permanently because their family is too dangerous.

There is one that my company sponsers very near my home.
We have a giant Christmas Tree in our lobby with a child's name and their wish list..very small to the put it down but know "will never get".

Last year Terry and I bought the "never will get". HE actually went shopping for a boys bike..bought the helmet (not on list)..pads (not on list)...and everything else on the list..little guy wanted new underwear and a DOLL for his sister...I bought the doll..

Actually they just put up the Tree yesterday and I am going over to choose tag this morning.
We never meet the child..just send a card with the gift..should be this way.

Didn't mean to go on and on..just one more always "gave" what your family most wanted and came home for the holidays....graduated and became the success that you are today.

Honest always gave the best present ever. Now heads up....I can tell you what they of your "little dude".. oh and of course you and your wonderful husband too:-)