Monday, July 03, 2006

When Does Wonder Woman Show Up?

I saw Superman this afternoon and it was cool. For once Lois Lane actually saves Superman and there's a Really Big Secret that I won't even hint at. But throughout the movie, even during the most tense moments, I kept thinking: so does Wonder Woman show up?

I'll give you an example ... or three. When the plane carrying the space shuttle plummets to earth, Superman tries to steer the plane by holding a wing. Wonder Woman would've figured out that the uneven distribution of weight would've ripped it off and lost precious time. When Kitty - Lex Luther's sidekick - acts as a diversion to Superman, Wonder Woman would've seen through the cheap feminine wiles and used the lasso of truth on her.

But what really felt like a missed opportunity for me was the ending when Superman passes out and lands in Central Park. That would've been awesome if Wonder Woman swooped down and caught him.

Okay, are you shaking your head at me? Now come on, all the boy superheroes have gotten their movies. Spiderman has a trilogy. Batman has had his movies. (What was the last one ... the fourth in the last ten years?) X-Men, Ghost Rider and- No, Catwoman doesn't count because it was unwatchable.

When do us women get a superhero we can cheer for? When does the female protagonist of a superhero movie get to be the one who saves instead of being saved? I really want to see how Princess Diana defies her mother to become the Wonder Woman of the Amazons.

If this post ever finds its way to Joss Whedon, please Mr. Whedon, please give us the Wonder Woman we deserve.


Tennille said...

I am all for a Wonder Woman movie. She's my favorite! I wanted to be just like her - the body, hair and skills. I loved when she would use her gold cuffs to deflect bullets. Any body know where I could buy a pair of gold cuffs? (LOL)

jkmahal said...
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jkmahal said...

You said it, girlfriend!! I want to know where the movies for Ghost and Black Cat and (the real) Catwoman and even Hawk Girl are. Where are the movies for Sonja instead of Conan the Destroyer. And whatever happened to She-Ra??

Okay, so I'm stretching. But girls need super heroes too. Bring on the films!

Erica Orloff said...

We did have the Jennifer Garner Elektra debauchle.

But yes. I mean, your post was great fun, but it also goes back to the Disney model of princesses . . . and Barbie . . . and all the stuff so ingrained. Give our daughters Wonder Woman saving the day.


Desiree said...

So funny you posted this. Friday night I played the very first Wonder Woman (I have season 1 on DVD) for my man friend. He was cracking up at me spinning around the room and trying to beat him up just for fun. I can't WAIT til they make a Wonder Woman movie.

Bethany said...

Hell yeah we need a Wonder Woman movie! I'd be in line... maybe even first. ;-)

Black Artemis said...

Mary, I would love to read your views on who you would cast in a Wonder Woman movie. Two names I've heard were Sandra Bullock and Michelle Rodriguez. Michelle has said, and I quote, "Wonder Woman is pretty hot but she can’t just be the girl next door. Give me some blue-eyed contacts and I’ll rip that role a new a*s." Why she thinks she'd need blue-eyed contacts just becaus Lynda Carter had blue eyes, don't ask me, but, hey, you gotta appreciate her enthusiasm for the role, LOL!

elephantcom said...

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