Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bathroom Epiphanies and Sangria

I was in the ladies' room at Diedrich's yesterday when I had a breakthrough on the new story I'm writing. Don't you love it when that happens? It's almost as if the universe cuts you some slack. When I ran back to my table to write the scene, I couldn't help but wonder why my characters always (a) make out or (b) do it so early on in the story. Hmm...

I donated a critique and a signed copy of In Between Men to the This fund was set up to help a fellow writer who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. If you want to bid, this magic link will take you there.

Also, I'm this month's featured author at Come on over and say hi if you're at work and the boss is out on a two-hour lunch. Oh and I just discovered Sacha Boutros. Her music is best described as Latin lounge jazz. Very hip, very cool and yet sensuous like sipping sangria at sunset.

That's all I've got today. I'm this close to finishing act I of my latest WIP in case my agent and editor are spying on me!

Love ya, Mary

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Dana Diamond said...


I had one last new turning point scene to create. It was coming to me here and there in pieces, but I finally "saw" it last night.

There’s even some more "funny" in it, thank God! I was about ready to hit some sangria myself…

:) d

PS I’m spying too. Hurry up! I want to know what "happened".